Stop Hunger Now

     Every year, St. Matthew's does an event called Stop Hunger Now. Stop Hunger Now is a company based in Raleigh that tries to end hunger. St. Matthews participates by collecting donations for this organization. After the donations are taken, the church has a large event where the meals that we paid for with our donations are packaged.
     The process started when a truck in the food in it pulled up in front of St. Matthew’s. We would help the people at Stop Hunger Now to unload the truck. Once the food was inside, the troop placed plastic wrap along the plastic boxes that we used to organize the food. Then the boxes and bags of food were torn open and placed on a ramp-like stand that we tipped over to pour the food into their boxes.
     Once the bins were full, we got the tables set up. They were placed at the tables so that the people working on it will have the food to package.
     Next, the people got here. There were four jobs for the scouts and other people involved: they could run the food from place to place, pack the food into bags, weigh the food, or they could seal the bags.
     The first step was packaging. First, vitamins would be placed in a bag. Next was a combination of rice, vegetables, etc. once this was done, the bags were run to a table of scales where the bags had to weigh a certain amount. If they were below, the weighers would add rice. If it's above, then rice was taken out. Once the weight was right, it went to the sealers across the table to close the bags. After this, it was all packaged.
     Every thousand meals, a gong rang. It went off forty-five times. We packaged forty-five thousand meals.

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